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Dog ID Tag- Enchanted Forest

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Type: Name Tag

The Enchanted Forest:  Tranquil nightscape, pale poplar, rustic walnut, precision engraved personalized script.

 There is something nocturnally intoxicating about a silent trek down a path under the sliver of a moonlit night sky with the stars dancing in the distant undiscovered galaxy, with your loyal four legged companion at your side. The crisp night air, and the sweet smell of the pines fills up your lungs with excitement, and there is an ethereal beauty about you in this moment that you must remember forever!

  Give your star struck furry companion The Enchanted Forest ID tag, and reminisce about these times every time you look at it, share the adventures with your friends when they comment on it’s simplistic beauty and design, and let yourself go with the excitement of the possibilities for the future!

  With the allure of woodland wonders and tranquil nightscape, these won’t be long on the shelf, so be sure and order yours, and gifts for those special four legged friends without delay.