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life's short, spoil your dog

Our Story


The BASK Shop™ is a Mom and Pop shop with a shop dog named Bruce. Bruce makes every day all the more fun with his jovial spirit, his zest for LIFE and his love for exploring the great outdoors. Let me tell you, this boy loves his "sniffari's"! 

After a bustling and occasionally stressful day in the shop, we eagerly anticipate the moment when we can turn off the machines and "clock out". As we make our way to the door to switch off the lights, Bruce excitedly wags his tail as he stares up at his personalized K9 Kaddy. This ingenious contraption that we strategically placed on the wall right by the light switch, serves as our one-stop-grab-and-go for all things Bruce-related: his leash and collar (both proudly adorned with a laser-engraved wooden name tag bearing essential emergency contact information), a stash of poop bags, the frisbee, and, of course, his all-time favorite – his ball and its trusty ball-chucker!

The excitement in Bruce is palpable and contagious...

As we head out into the great outdoors, Bruce's tail is intensely wagging and his senses are heightened. With every step we take, our stress levels fade and our smiles grow.

We all become present in nature.

With the fresh air filling our lungs, we are rejuvenated and reminded of our "offer superior personalized pet products that promote organization for maximization of quality time and peace of mind with your K9"

This. This is our WHY... and we do it for fellow dog lovers like you!

Let's stress less and play more. 

BASK in LIFE with your K9



The BASK Shop™ is for all hard working Dog Moms & Dog Dads who value high quality personalized products that promote stress free indoor and outdoor play time with their pups. Are you a doggy parent who anxiously awaits quitting time, so you can grab your dogs leash and collar, get outside and enjoy the much needed freedom and fresh air with your pup? Does the sound of the birds happily chirping above, the warmth of the sun as it slowly descends on your back, the undeniable jovial smile in your dogs eyes and the extra wiggle in their walk invigorate your soul after a long days work? As this perfectly blended natural concoction melts your stress away, and the intoxication leaves you longing for more hours in the day to play, our products at the BASK shop are here to ensure that your precious time  with your best friend is maximized. 



We value high quality and trust. Our products at The BASK Shop™ are either intentionally selected, purposely designed and/or personally handcrafted with you, our busy dog loving customer, in mind. We want you to enjoy your purchase for years on end as well as enjoy your experience shopping with us. If we exceeded your expectations, we want to know about it! Also, if we can improve your experience with us, please write to us and share your thoughts. We value constructive feedback so we can grow.