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Dog ID Tag- Squirrel Patrol

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Type: Name Tag

Squirrel Patrol: Rustic, Natural, Playful, Earthy, and Warm


   The thought of your Bestie blazing across the back yard, on a whimsical adventure to eradicate the area of the latest squirrel invader is reminiscent of the “Coyote” on a quest to catch the “Roadrunner.” Even though he never catches the Roadrunner, you can still celebrate the attempt with this unique dog ID tag! With its quirky origin, it is sure to be the centerpiece of conversation among fellow dog lovers.

  Get the back engraved with your emergency contact info in case the patrol gets out of hand and the need to locate a human becomes an issue.

  With an endearing design like this, these tags are going to be off the shelf. Don’t delay, order yours today!