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Dog ID Tag- Pitter Patter

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Type: Name Tag

The Pitter Patter: Love and loyalty are the two things that the bond between Human and Canine are built upon, and that’s what this design represents.

These tags also help ensure the safety of your four-legged pal, by engraving your personalized safety instructions/contact info on the backside, In the case of an emergency, giving you that extra sense of safety.

  As demand builds, The Pitter Patter Heart and Paw ID tag wont last long. Don’t miss your chance to display your love for your Best Friend out on the trail or at home!

  A lot of people complain about tags, as they clang all the time, and can be quite annoying, however with wood construction the clanging is significantly reduced.

 Enjoy the peace of mind these tags provide, as well as the peace and quiet they offer. Order yours today while they are readily available!